“After the magic instant in which my eyes opened in the sea, I was no longer able to see, think, live as before.”

Jacques Cousteau

With Oceania Team to discover the sea

We have chosen to sail among the most beautiful islands in the central Mediterranean: Ponza, Palmarola, Zannone, Ventotene on board a comfortable, sturdy and fully equipped boat for scuba diving and trolling. We are a team of instructors with long experience in different seas and we decided to return to the sea that has seen us grow and has so much to offer.

We have sailed many people on Oceania to accompany them to know the islands that we love in their most hidden corners, we went down on the beautiful seabed surrounded by crystal clear water to discover a lush and incomparable nature.

Many have come back with us for other adventures, others have become our friends and accompany us still, many others will come back after experiencing our hospitality. With Oceania it is possible to take part in daily excursions, weekends and weekly excursions to the Pontine Islands, arriving to Capri and Ischia.

On board Oceania we give priority to relaxation but we value safety, all dives are guided by one of our instructors and take place on well-known routes to guarantee our guests a peaceful and risk-free fun. In general, we dedicate the morning to the dives and then leave it to the cook to delight our guests with their dishes.

Oceania is also available to instructors with their own groups of students. For day trips Oceania can take up to 13 guests, for weekend or weekly excursions the maximum number of guests is 10.

Our base is in Marina di Nettuno, easily reachable from Rome and Naples by car or train for boarding on Oceania for excursions and dives to the Ponziane Islands. Oceania takes you daily trips, weekends and blue weeks in which it will take you to Capri and Ischia, for details you can consult the Program, for more information and reservations you can contact us.

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